Autism Sensory Processing

I wanted to discuss an issue we have been facing and our most recent solution. As a family we wanted to attend an event dealing with aircraft, large vehicles such as tractors, semi trucks and heavy equipment. My Son has a sensory issue with noise.

We had tried in the past corded ear plugs but he was not going to have anything to do with them as most versions we tried are built for adults. We tried some noise blocking ear phones and his ability to handle with extreme care is not there so the durability versus cost found us as parents aggravated. To make this more manageable we found that the Hearing protection we found in our links on the website were the best. Over the ear style earmuff have worked the best.

Initially we went with our low cost option and now we have moved up to an outdoor version which I will post as a link as well but these allow you to control the noise level by a volume button. These run off of a battery so you must be conscious of this if you are going to use them for a prolonged period of time. Bring extra batteries.

I know this is a key issue for us early on and I wanted to pass this tidbit along. Have a great day and talk with everyone soon.

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