Autism care as a journey

Welcome to our page. We are new so not much content yet. My family and I have two Special Needs Children. We have been on a roller coaster of trying to find reliable products and services for our children. We just like yourself have dealt with the infant, toddler and now school aged plateau.

I started this web blog to point folks in a positive path for products and services. My first idea is to get you to services that you can experience at home without leaving your home. We are going to expand our selections and areas as we continue to grow but I would ask you to please come to our page and assist us with our affiliates. Not all of our links are affiliate based some are Nonprofits in the Autism Spectrum Area and others are Shopping, Home Services, Cell Phones/Electronics and the like.

We will also continue to update our site on a continual basis but we need you to spread the word to assist us. Please let me know what services or products work for you and your family.

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