Autism Activity Boards

I want to discuss a little about Autism Activity Boards and how they assist us with daily task organization and Predictability for our children. I will say that organization is important for parents but predictability is the most important for children in my opinion. We have the following Activity Planners for different tasks and events:

The first item we started with was the Schedule Board Kit this item allowed us the ability to cover various areas of the home from one central location. We then expanded individual charts for dedicated areas such as bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, prepare for school, prepare to travel, daily overall events or Daily Chore Chart.

We have used pre-made boards as well as homemade versions. You can add your own personalized hand drawn pictures or photos to the pre-made Schedule Board Kit or devise your own customized version thereby, creating your child’s individual schedule. On our daily schedule we use a multi-row system so each child sees the task and completes it. They then move the picture card down to a completed row in the order completed. This we find builds predictability and also provides you the ability to check the progress of tasks.

Many of the therapist we work with call this method the Pyramid Approach to teaching. We find a schedule is critical for our children and they love that we can make the tasks personalized with their individual pictures. I hope this helps you and your family please let us know your comments and suggestions below.

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